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HMM '99

Adaptive Mesh Micromagnetics of RE Hard Magnets
Institute of Applied and Technical Physics
Vienna University of Technology
Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10
A-1040 Vienna
Werner Scholz, Thomas Schrefl, Josef Fidler
June 7th, 1999


Micromagnetic calculations of samples with arbitrary geometries or irregular microstructures are efficiently made using finite element methods. The accuracy of the solutions depends on the discretisation of the sample in space. In hard magnetic materials the magnetisation is uniform within magnetic domains whereas it is highly non-uniform in domain walls, near nucleation sites, vortices or grain boundaries. Therefore, it is desirable to adapt the finite element mesh to the solution and optimise the number of unknowns. As domain walls can move due to external fields the discretisation has to be adjusted adaptively during the simulation.

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Werner Scholz